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(the Crossover from Hell)

            FIRE FROM HEAVEN:  This company-wide, months-long, crossover event is one of the largest and most convoluted in the history of the comic book industry.  Tracking it all down (even as it came out) is a major hassle.  And yet even as long as the crossover itself is, there are stories leading up to it that are needed to understand to full impact of the events (especially the Brothers-in-Arms crossover in Deathblow and the other Team 7-related titles).  Although some of these are only peripherally connected to Fire from Heaven, they serve as a neccessary prelude:

Gen13 #3-5
Deathblow #20-21: Brothers-in-Arms, parts 1-2
Gen13 #6-7
Wetworks #14
Deathblow #22: Brothers-in-Arms, part 3
Backlash #14
Grifter, volume 1 #10
Gen13 #8-9
Deathblow #23: Brothers-in-Arms, part 4
Wetworks #15
Backlash #15-16
StormWatch #34
Backlash #17-18
Deathblow #24: Brothers-in-Arms, part 5
WildC.A.T.s #25
Deathblow #25: Brothers-in-Arms, conclusion

FireFromHeaven1WrapAround.bmp (142158 bytes)         The original members of Team 7 are dying.  Their only chance for salvation is to regain their stolen lifeforce from the laboratories of Kaizen Gamorra.   Their fates are bound to those of their spiritual and physical heirs, the young heroes of Gen13.
        StormWatch, the international crisis intervention team, has been directed by the United Nations to protect the outlaw government of Gamorra from all internal and external insurgents.
        The WildC.A.T.s, previously believed dead, have returned to Earth to find their friends and allies caught up in a conflict driven by forces beyond their understanding.  Dramatic revelations await them deep within the bowels of Gamorra City.
        The enigmatic entity known as Sigma has only just begun to manifest his extraordinary abilities, with profound consequences for Gen-Active superbeings worldwide.
        Damocles is coming.  And the embers of a decades-old tragedy are stirred anew into bright flame, promising a deadly rain of Fire from Heaven . . .

Prelude 0
Fire from Heaven #1/2
Prelude 1
SwordOfDamocles1.bmp (72130 bytes)
Sword of Damocles #1
Prelude 2
Sigma1.jpg (8344 bytes)
Sigma #1
Prelude 3
Deathblow26.jpg (7121 bytes)
Deathblow #26

Chapter 1
Fire from Heaven #1
Chapter 2
Backlash19.jpg (8206 bytes)
Backlash #19
Chapter 3
Gen13-10.jpg (7471 bytes)
Gen13 #10
Chapter 4
Wetworks16.jpg (7289 bytes)
Wetworks #16
Chapter 5
StormWatchV1n35.jpg (8199 bytes)
StormWatch #35
Chapter 6
Sigma2.jpg (7747 bytes)
Sigma #2
Chapter 7
WildCATs29.jpg (6708 bytes)
WildC.A.T.s #29
Chapter 8
Deathblow27.jpg (7857 bytes)
Deathblow #27
Chapter 9
Gen13-11.jpg (7559 bytes)
Gen13 #11
Chapter 10
Backlash20.jpg (7654 bytes)
Backlash #20
Chapter 11
Wetworks17.jpg (8396 bytes)
Wetworks #17
Chapter 12
StormWatchV1n36.jpg (8758 bytes)
StormWatch #36
Chapter 13
WildCATs30.jpg (5857 bytes)
WildC.A.T.s #30
Chapter 14
Sigma3.jpg (7119 bytes)
Sigma #3

Finale 1
SwordOfDamocles2.bmp (72130 bytes)
Sword of Damocles #2
Finale 2
Fire from Heaven #2
Finale 3
Deathblow28.jpg (8474 bytes)
Deathblow #28

After the Fire
Deathblow29.jpg (8878 bytes)
Deathblow #29
The Funereal
WildCATs31.jpg (9386 bytes)
WildC.A.T.s #31
Behind the Mask
StormWatchV1n37.jpg (8605 bytes)
StormWatch #37
New World Order
Backlash21.jpg (8426 bytes)
Backlash #21
Wetworks18.jpg (8801 bytes)
Wetworks #18
Hazard1.JPG (27532 bytes)
Hazard #1

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